Culture shock

DSCN1146Amish Barn
Driving through Ohio’s countryside, slightly hysterical female preacher on the radio, on my to Holmes County, heartland of Amish countryside.
A bit over four hours driving later, entering Detroit, taking a one wrong exit …  thinking about Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the vanities.

Demolishing works
The cityscape is mindblowing, empty buildings and vacant lots, right into the city centre, but the city also gives me the feeling of enormous potential.

Michigan University
The next morning I have arrived in A-square (Ann Arbor), Y. gives me a tour of the campus including the Hatcher Graduate Library, backdrop for graduates and their family being photographed.


After two nights of camping on empty camping grounds, another culture shock: Indiana Dunes State Park that looks like a trailer park, a village on monumental RV’s (recreational vehicles), including lamp-meets-flag pole to welcome you, disguised as flower piece.

Four scenes, four cultures, all within 48 hours, only in America as Y. would say.