Heritage and Heartland

20140501-090921.jpgDriving through the rain, brume and fog in the Pennsylvanian Mountains. Steep hills forcing me to drive the American=automatic transmission car in low gear.

20140501-090811.jpg I’ve started the day in Gettysburg, the loveliness of the hills contrasts with the historical heritage, as is the case with the landscape at the Flight 93 crash. The Lincoln Highway that I have been following gas brought me to this 9/11 Memorial. On the historical road again direction Pittsburgh, more hills & more but also more heritage: FLW’s Falling Water is of intriguing beauty and the detour more than worth.


And on the road again, my fourth State in two days, West Virginia, billboards promoting coal next to the highways, smoke coming from coal fired power plants on the banks of the Ohio river. I haven’t experienced that smell since East Berlin, years ago. I cross the river into my next state, but Ohio brings more rain, more driving and it is getting dark. I consult my companion, the RandMcNally Road Atlas, and find a state park. After another 1½ hr drive I arrive in the dark, a ranger gives me directions to the shower house, a hot (!) shower saves the day. The rain has stopped.

Warning: flood risk

Entrance to New Jersey, the ‘Soprano’s bridge’, the Pulaski Skyway (featuring a Californian campervan).

DSCN1637But on US 1 not only classical crummy motels, but rain.

Rain and more rain into Pennsylvania, trying to find a camping site near Gettysburg while it is getting dark.


And the next morning, after the first night in the Pennsylvania woods and heavy rain dripping all night on the roof: a heated restroom!20140430-090129.jpg